Northern Craft Brewers

The "Northern Craft Brewers"are a group of like-minded brewers who meet quarterly at various locations around the Lancashire - Yorkshire area, usually at venues close to convenient transport links.

Founded in October 2000 the group was formed, with the aim of lifting the craft of brewing beer at home to the highest level possible. We are dedicated to producing beers that are at the very least as good as those found in Pubs and at Beer Festivals.We offer a warm welcome to home brewers of any standard, beginners and experts alike, who wish to attend our meetings.

Original Gravitry

The Northern Craft Brewers hold regular meetings throughout the year, and our meetings are run with agendas that promote our craft. Our meetings regularly include Topic Talks, Guest Speakers from the trade, Brewery Visits and Competitions.

All the Northern Craft Brewers meetings are very informal affairs and we pride ourselves in not being bogged down by any rules or formalities other than those that apply to competition entries.

We have a wide range of experience within our group, and can offer good sound advice, to anyone wishing to learn how to brew great beer from raw ingredients, we have some true artisans among our group and a few of us have moved on from craft brewing at home to running micro breweries.

Why not come and join us if you interested in furthering your craft brewing skills or just interested in a good old chin wag over a pint or two in the company of like minded friends.

       For more information on how to brew good beer, The Craft Brewing Association's web site is an excellent place to start.
The Northern Craft Brewers are a regional group directly connected to The Craft Brewing Association.
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